Simple Online Business Plan

I just love simple. Don’t you. I’m not talking about those simple get rich quick schemes built in to a so-called business plan. I am talking about a simple online business plan that will give you the full details of the necessary step by step instructions.I have known degree physicists that have previously failed on the Internet because they thought a good online business plan had to be more than simple. I have seen people with 6th grade educations become successful when all they followed was a simple online business plan that is easy to read and follow.Below I give you 5 major steps that are part of any successful simple online business plan. A simple online business plan that keeps you at a realistic pace so time of completion is not the important factor. What is important is the thorough completion of each step so your business success is assured.Some of the steps in my simple business plan may seem not even to be part of a true business plan. But with 10 years experience on the Internet each step has worked for me.Outline of the Simple Online Business Plan Steps

Sit down in front of your computer.

Bare with me on this one. You are looking at your monitor. Ask yourself this question: can you be focused enough that when you are at your computer (whether it be an hour or 8 hours a day) you will be 100% focused on business. I am not talking about those occasional family or friend interruptions. I am talking about playing solitaire or surfing the net.

Decide what you want to sell.

This applies to both the new online business person as well as those who have been online for a while. You may have an idea for a product. Or you may decide to sell someone else’s product(s). The next step is to do research to find out if people are buying the same or similar product on the Internet. Or you will definitely need to find a source that has already found the successful markets (niche) on the Internet and can provide you with a proven formula to determine whether or not any product can be successfully promoted.

Side note: If you have an idea, before you go running around asking people’s opinion do what I tell people who call or email me to get my opinion about their ideas. Write down your idea on a piece of paper. If you have photos or a drawing of it , that’s great. Then mail the idea description and anything else to yourself. Keep the envelop sealed. This will help you prove it was your idea if anyone tries to steal it.

Decide on a domain name and web hosting.

Skip free hosting services. They have more drawbacks than I can write in this short article. Here are a few drawbacks: they have other people’s advertising when someone visits your site, pop up and pop under advertising, reliability of up time on the Internet, and are not popular with search engines.

Setting up how you are going to sell your product..

Most hosting services offer what they call a cPanel. Included will be a service called Fantastico that offers such things as free shopping carts, guest books, free blog software, and more. Then decide if you want to apply for a merchant account to accept credit cards. Or you could find many services on the Internet that will offer to process the credit cards for you for a fee. Make sure you investigate at least 8 of these services. You will find the service fees vary widely.

Get a proven and thorough simple online business plan.

I am not talking about one that is specifically listed as designed for the type of business you plan on starting. And I am not talking about one that is complicated. Remember the title of this article: “Simple Online Business Plan”.

You want a business plan that comes with manual(s), both video and audio discs (so you can listen while you drive). Look for a business plan that gives you the option of hard copy (as I call it) shipped to you or for a less cost an area where you can download everything and print and copy to disc yourself.

Once you get the business plan make sure it has some type of checklist. A checklist will help keep you focused. A simple online business plan checklist will make sure you follow the steps in the proper order. Proper order completion is a key to your success. This is not picking up a new mystery novel and first reading the last chapter to see who did it.
My Final AdviceI could have just provided a just a list what I consider the complete steps to a simple online business plan above. But in my experience people who look for business plans that are just major headings miss the necessary ingredients (explanation and sub-steps) that make each step simple and successful. Simple headlines or bullet points are just too simple and incomplete.Money GuidelinesTo accomplish the above steps it should cost you around $100 to $500 (domain, hosting, business plan). If you ever think of going over $500 my suggest is: cut up your credit cards before you spend another dime. I have seen business plans, by themselves, that cost well over a $1,000. I find them filled with material that has nothing to do with setting up a online business. A simple online business plan means you could take that same business plan and set up any type of online business you choose. And come with simple, easy to read complete explanation of what you need to know.Now that is simple.May the “force” (of success) be with you.

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Audio Streaming: Easily Captured

There was a time when it was difficult to distribute audio effectively over the Internet because the software used for listening was hard to come by and hard drive space was limited.Today Internet users typically have three or more devices that can decode and play audio streams via the Internet. Further software applications can even allow that download stream to be captured for replay.Thousands of Internet only radio stations are available with thousands of additional broadcasters repeating their terrestrial signal via the Internet. Many broadcasters are venturing into the realm of Internet audio by lending their voices to Internet based radio stations and other audio streams.The growth of audio streaming is a byproduct of consumer demand and advancements in technology.As an online business using audio to guide your visitor through your website may be a great first step, but there are so many other uses for audio that may take into account visitors who may be visually challenged.There are already devices to assist those with poor vision, but if you create pages with audio it can make an enormous impact on those who often feel forgotten.The use of audio can be a benefit for those who work on a hectic schedule. It may be possible to listen to your presentation while they continue working in another window.Audio can also be an important element in an increasingly mobile society. For those on the go, the ability to listen to audio may be of more assistance than attempting to read the small print on their cell phone or Blackberry.An audio stream from a conscientious netrepreneur is likely to meet with the approval of many of your site visitors. Certainly they will have different reasons for having an interest in the audio stream, but the audio remains an important function in site marketing and customer convenience.The growth of online marketing techniques can move audio streaming from a ‘nice add on’ to a desired form of communication with your prospects and customers. Since it is very easy for consumers to tap into an audio stream you have a unique opportunity to brand your business in ways previously unavailable.Where once there was debate over the use of graphics on a website now the debate may be centered around the use of audio on a website. Today you find very few websites without graphics. I believe the same will ultimately be true of audio streaming.